• MP150 Planetary concrete mixer

MP150 Planetary concrete mixer

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    CO-NELE CMP150 Concrete Mixer

    150L planetary forced concrete mixer for mixing dry concrete, hard concrete, fiber concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, mortar, semi-dry concrete, UHP concrete; refractories, ceramics, water glass;

    CO-NELE CMP planetary mixer unloading cylinder adopts a circular cylinder and can withstand pressure up to 25Mpa.
    The stability is good and the performance is superior.
    The mixer liner according to the customer’s needs.
    wear-resistant alloy inserts, surfacing linings, high-chromium alloys;

    mp100 planetary mixer

    CMP150 Concrete planetary Mixer mixing  device

    Gearbox of Planetary mixer

    Hardened surface gear is designed by CO-NELE (completely independent intellectual property rights owned ) absorbing european advanced technology.

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    longer torque

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