• Double screw concrete mixer

Double screw concrete mixer

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Double screw concrete mixer  main features:

1.Mixing blade adopts spiral layout, which increases efficiency by 15% and energy saving by 15%.

2.Big pitch design concept is adopted to reduce operating resistance, material accumulation and low shaft holding rate.

3.Shaft end seal adopts the integral labyrinth seal structure composed of floating oil seal ring, special seal and mechanical seal. It not only works reliably and has a long life, but also is easy to be disassembled and replaced.

4.Equipped with self-tensioning device for belt to avoid abnormal wear of belt and reduce labor intensity of maintenance personnel;

5.Eccentric unloading door with large opening design has reliable sealing, fast discharging and low wear.

6.Italian original gearbox, large torque, external forced cooling device, more reliable for long time operation;

7.The industry creates the intelligent Internet of things, which is equipped with intelligent detection alarm, maintenance prompt, GPS positioning and WeChat push function.

Twin screw concrete mixer


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