• UHPC concrete mixer
  • UHPC concrete mixer

UHPC concrete mixer

  • Brand : CO-NELE
  • Port: Qingdao, China
  • Mixing time: 30-90S
  • Application: Refractory products and castables

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CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer  as UHPC mixer,High Quality High Efficiency High Uniformity

UHPC concrete mixer

UHPC planetary mixer Advantage :

Smooth transmission and high efficiency: The hardened gear reducer has low noise, high torque and strong durability.

Evenly stirring, no dead angle: the principle of revolution + rotation of the stirring blade, and the movement track covers the entire mixing barrel.

Wide mixing range: suitable for mixing and mixing of various aggregates, powders and other special materials.

Easy to clean: high-pressure cleaning device (optional), spiral nozzle, covering a large area.

Flexible layout and fast unloading speed: 1-3 unloading doors can be flexibly selected to meet the needs of different production lines;

Easy installation and maintenance: large-size access door, and the access door is equipped with a safety switch.

Diversification of mixing devices: Customize mixing devices according to customer needs.

Good sealing: there is no problem of slurry leakage.


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