• High efficiency CMP500 planetary refractory concrete mixer

    High efficiency CMP500 planetary refractory concrete mixer

    In the refractory industry, iron trench prefabrication in steel plants, the planetary mixer evenly mixes several refractory materials or mixes the pouring material with water. Castable mixers are also widely used in steel, metallurgy, mining, chemical, building materials, refractory and other in...
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  • CHS1000 Double Horizontal Shaft Forced Concrete Mixer

    CHS1000 Double Horizontal Shaft Forced Concrete Mixer

    CHS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer, 1 cubic meter per discharge, also known as 1-square concrete mixer, hourly productivity is 60m³ / h, is a widely used high-efficiency concrete mixer, using motorized discharge, can be matched with dump truck It is mainly composed of mixing drum, hopper feeding r...
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  • Summary of vertical planetary concrete mixer equipment

    Summary of vertical planetary concrete mixer equipment

    At present, as a popular equipment for mixing machinery, vertical planetary concrete mixers have a wide range of applications in the industry and have strong advantages in equipment use. The advantages of vertical planetary concrete mixers are as follows: The vertical planetary concrete mixer can...
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  • intensive mixer for refractory materials and a main mixing device

    intensive mixer for refractory materials and a main mixing device

    There are two main types of mixing equipment in refractory production: pre-mixing equipment and mixing equipment. Pre-mixing equipment is a small and medium mixer used to mix fine powder and trace additives in the production process, which can make the powder fully mixed uniformly, reduce flying ...
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  • CO-NELE CQM750 intensive mixer for mixing castble in Korea

    CO-NELE CQM750 intensive mixer for mixing castble in Korea

      Project location:Korea Project application:Refractory castable Mixer model:CQM750 intensive mixer Project Introduction: Since the establishment of the cooperation between co-nele and the Korean refractory company, from the selection of the mixer to the confirmation of the overall productio...
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  • CMP1000 Electric Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale

    CMP1000 Electric Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale

      The concrete mixing speed and complex motion track design of the planet concrete mixer make the mixing of different materials more vigorous, more even and higher productivity.   The new reducer developed by planet concrete mixer has the characteristics of low noise, large torque and s...
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  • 1 Cubic Meters twin shaft Concrete Mixer Works  Well

    1 Cubic Meters twin shaft Concrete Mixer Works Well

        The transmission mechanism of the twin-shaft mixer is driven by two planetary gear reducers. The design is compact, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the service life is long.   The patented streamlined mixing arm and 60 degree angle design not only produce radia...
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  • Twin Shaft Cement Concrete Mixer Automation Production

    Twin Shaft Cement Concrete Mixer Automation Production Twin shaft cement concrete mixer is a large and medium-sized mixer, mainly suitable for large construction projects, is a very important construction machinery. It is a kind of forced horizontal shaft mixer, which can not only mix hard concre...
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  • CMP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixer Types and Capacity

    Planetary concrete mixer is a kind of dead-angle track curve with high mixing efficiency and high mixing uniformity, which is summarized on the basis of years of intensive research and field test. The rotation of vertical axis planetary mixer’s track is obtained by superposition of revoluti...
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  • CMP750 Electric Motor Concrete Mixer for Sale

    Electric Motor Concrete Mixer is equipped with special sealing device, which makes the sealing more reliable and environmental protection more powerful.   The design of electric motor concrete mixer is novel and reasonable, which can effectively prevent dust from flying over when mixing mate...
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  • Large Capacity Concrete Mixer Price in India

    The patented streamlined mixing arm not only plays a radial cutting role on the material in the mixing process, but also plays an axial driving role more effectively, making the material stirring more violent and achieving the homogenization of the material in a short time. Moreover, due to the u...
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  • Rapid Stand Electrical Concrete Mixer

    Stand electrical concrete mixer adopts single motor drive mode, which can eliminate the phenomenon of output out of sync. The overall structure of concrete mixer is compact, which can ensure enough production line layout space no matter what kind of production line it is used for.   The trac...
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  • New Designed Refractory Mixers from CO-NELE

      Refractory mixer is able to mix all kinds of materials with strong fluidity, such as powder and solid particles, etc. In mixing movement, the effect of centrifugal force makes materials with different densities produce efficient friction and mixing, so as to achieve effective diffusion eff...
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  • Rapid Mobile Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale

      The planetary concrete mixer can cover the mixing cylinder within 30 seconds, which is mainly dependent on the design of the mixing device of the planetary concrete mixer. Layered, dense and continuous. Simple operation, easy maintenance, beautiful equipment design, compact structure suita...
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  • Efficient Precast Concrete Plant Equipment for Sale

       Precast concrete equipment adopts single motor drive mode. This drive mode can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of output unsynchronization. Therefore, no matter what kind of cement product production line, it can ensure sufficient production line layout space, and the equipment is beautif...
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  • Planetary Concrete Mixer Machine 1 Cubic Price in India

    Co-nele is currently the manufacturing base of planetary concrete mixer in China.The company has set up a planetary mixer research institute.To solve all kinds of different material mixing solutions for customers.   Planetary concrete mixer adopts single motor drive mode.This method can prev...
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  • Top Planetary Countercurrent Concrete Mixers from China

    Planetary counterflow concrete mixer is a high quality, high efficiency and low maintenance product.The planetary concrete mixer is used in the production of block bricks.Because of its high mixing speed,there is no fabric pilling problem.greatly improve product quality performance.   The m...
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  • China Top CMP1000 Concrete Mixer for Sale in Jamaica

      CMP1000 planet concrete mixer is with high quality and high efficiency, the whole machine transmission is smooth, high mixing efficiency, mixing homogeneity is high (no corner stirring), the unique sealing device does not exist leakage slurry leakage material problem, strong durability. &nb...
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  • Top-Performing Equipment‎:Refractory Mixers for Blending Refractory and Ceramic Powders

    Refractory mixer is our company’s equipment for the refractory industry. It has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, low maintenance, high mixing and homogeneity, compact structure, stable performance, novel style, excellent performance, economical and durable, installatio...
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  • Good Planetary Concrete Mixer with New Technology

      The planetary concrete mixer is professional,mixing tool can be combined with rotation and revolution, both produce the opposite force on the material impact is greater.The mixing track can cover the whole mixing cylinder, and the materials in every corner can be stirred, so the uniformity...
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  • Rapid Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer of Good Performance from CO-NELE

      Features of double shaft concrete mixer 1.Good mixing quality 2.High efficiency 3.Long service life 4.Large power and capacity                                                                                                                           Twin shaft concrete mixer ...
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  • Cement Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer | Concrete Construction ‎| Control Your Costs‎

    CO-NELE twin-shaft concrete mixers are ideal for the ready-mix and precast concrete industries where large volumes of high quality concrete are demanded. The powerful twin-shaft mixer, with counter rotating shafts, delivers fast mixing action and rapid discharge.   The patented streamlined m...
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  • Large Capacity Concrete Mixer Machines For Making Concrete Blocks

    Double-shaft concrete mixer can be used for mass production of concrete.The concrete mixer drives the stirring blade to perform the shearing, squeezing and turning over the material in the cylinder through the rotary motion of the stirring shaft, so that the material is fully mixed in the relativ...
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  • Hydraulic Motor For Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

    The work of the double axis concrete mixer is to use the stirring blade to impact the material in the bucket. The material is rolled up and down in a circular motion in the bucket. The strong stirring movement enables the material to quickly achieve the mixing effect and high stirring efficiency ...
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