CHS750 Twin shaft concrete mixer ready mixing Superiority

CHS750 Twin shaft concrete mixer Structural design

1. Stirring uniformly: Several groups of stirring blades are staggered in the round-groove-shaped mixing drum, so that the mixture is fully stirred in the drum, and the mixture is quickly and evenly stirred. 

2. Compact structure: The discharge door of the CHS750 concrete mixer is driven by an imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional drive form, it has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth operation, and accurate door opening positioning.

CHS750 twin concrete mixer

3. Beautiful appearance: CHS750 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer is compact in structure.

4. Good tightness: CHS750 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer adopts three seals, aggregate frame seal and hydraulic system oil supply pump, which can effectively prevent the main neck shaft from being rapidly worn and causing slurry leakage.

5. Short cycle time: the blade speed of the general mixer is 26 rpm, and the speed of the CHS750 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer is 29.3 rpm. 

6. Convenient operation: CHS750 double-horizontal-shaft concrete mixer adopts highly automation, whether it is loading, unloading or water supply, and all the motor control parts are in the electric box, which is safe and reliable to use, easy to operate and maintain.


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Post time: Jul-03-2020
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