High efficiency CMP500 planetary refractory concrete mixer

In the refractory industry, iron trench prefabrication in steel plants, the planetary mixer evenly mixes several refractory materials or mixes the pouring material with water.

Castable mixers are also widely used in steel, metallurgy, mining, chemical, building materials, refractory and other industries.

planetary concrete mixer


There are many types of mixers used in refractory plants now, but there are not many mixers that are really suitable for refractory plants and steel operations.

The castable material mixer produced by CO-NELE is specially designed and produced for the prefabrication operations of refractory plants and iron trenches in iron and steel plants.

planetary mixer concrete (2)


The mixing volume, external dimensions, and various accessories are suitable for on-site operations and needs.

The mixing device uses revolution + It has the characteristics of uniform rotation, high mixing efficiency, fast discharge, simple structure, and easy maintenance.

planetary mixer concrete

It is an ideal product for refractory industry and iron trench prefabrication in iron and steel plants. It has been well received and praised in practical use.

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Post time: Jul-02-2020
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