Rapid Mobile Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale


The planetary concrete mixer can cover the mixing cylinder within 30 seconds, which is mainly dependent on the design of the mixing device of the planetary concrete mixer. Layered, dense and continuous. Simple operation, easy maintenance, beautiful equipment design, compact structure suitable for various production lines.


Planetary concrete mixer can make the equipment have good mixing performance through planetary mixing track.The equipment can be used for disperse mixing and distribution mixing.The mixing time and the mixing strength of the equipment of the vertical shaft planetary mixer are convenient and can be adjusted according to the actual conditions.Until the mixing quality requirements are met,The mixing state of agitator can be visually checked in the mixing process.


Planetary concrete mixers provide a variety of mechanical forces,Other mixing machines can not achieve the mixing effect of vertical shaft planetary agitator even if the working time is extended.Planetary concrete mixer can achieve high quality mixingThe uniform distribution of raw materials is completed without damaging aggregate particles and properties.



Post time: Jun-11-2019
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