Large Capacity Concrete Mixer Machines For Making Concrete Blocks

Double-shaft concrete mixer can be used for mass production of concrete.The concrete mixer drives the stirring blade to perform the shearing, squeezing and turning over the material in the cylinder through the rotary motion of the stirring shaft, so that the material is fully mixed in the relatively vigorous movement, so that the mixing quality is good. , low energy consumption, high efficiency and so on.

js1000 concrete mixer

The working mode of the twin-shaft mixer determines its range of use – high-speed rapid mixing. The twin-shaft mixers are mostly used for on-site construction or concentrated in the use of commercial mixing stations, including on-site pouring, high-speed high-speed rail bridges, etc. Due to the need to improve the mixing uniformity, it is not suitable for high-precision mixing industry.

large capacity concrete mixer

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is now widely used in large-scale concrete projects. Due to its efficient mixing speed to meet the needs of engineering construction, it is highly praised in the industry.

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Post time: May-06-2019
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