Foame Concrete Mixer For Light Concrete Production

Foam concrete agitator has a unique two-axis direction stirring design and a unique blade structure design. This makes the foam Tongning country with multiple sets of leaves repeatedly stirred and stirred quickly. Its essence is through the principle of physical foaming, stirring equipment is good.

Hydraulic pumping station

Foam concrete mixer mixing process two axial rotation, the mixing force produced by the blade, so that the stirring material in order to ensure the intense radial movement, the axial drive intensified, the material in the mixing cylinder in a boiling state for a short period of time intense and full stirring, stirring speed


Foam concrete mixer made of foam wall board is now vigorously promoted green environmental protection materials, the production of wall board has the unparalleled advantage of other wall panels,CO-NELE foam concrete mixer wall board in the supermarket weather will not appear condensation water beads, with waterproof, moisture-proof effect.

Post time: Apr-10-2019
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