What is the configuration of the medium-sized hzs60 Concrete mixing plant?

The hzs60 mixing station is a medium-sized mixing station. It can be used for various projects as well as for commercial enterprises. What is the configuration of the hzs60 mixing station?
The batching machine and the mixing machine are indispensable for each mixing station. The hzs60 mixing station uses the JS1000 twin-shaft mixer and the PLD1600 batching machine. In addition, the cement silo, screw conveyor, air compressor, The control room, and the aggregate conveying system, all of which include the supporting facilities are relatively complete, but because the hzs60 mixing station model is not large, it is generally not closed. Of course, if the customer has special needs, CO-NELE will also be for everyone. custom made.

The hzs60 mixing station is a special cement silo. In general, the hzs60 mixing station will be equipped with two 100T cement silos, equipped with two screw conveyors, ladders, guardrails, arching and dust removal devices, and legs. However, customers should choose according to their actual situation, for example, commodity mixing station, it is likely to prepare more cement silos, a specification of cement stored in a cement silo to avoid confusion.

In addition, the hzs60 mixing station selects the belt feeder with a separate weighing machine, which can further improve the accuracy and efficiency of the ingredients. The batching machine is a four-barrel, and each bin is equipped with a weighing hopper, so that the weighing efficiency is high and the precision is accurate. Another feature is that the weighing time is greatly shortened. This time with a belt conveyor, you can really improve efficiency.
Hzs60 mixing station is the main product of our factory, which is highly praised by users. CO-NELE invites new and old customers to visit our factory. If you need to know the price and parameters of hzs60 mixing station in advance, you can directly consult.

Post time: Sep-27-2018
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