The Difference Bwtween Planetary Concrete Mixer and Twin-shaft Series Mixers

The planetary concrete mixer has a unique mixing mode, which is suitable for mixing various types of materials. In the mixing, the mixing tool can drive the whole material, and the materials in each corner can be fully mixed. The mixing can also adjust the speed according to the situation, and the automation is high.

The planetary concrete mixer is suitable for high-quality concrete, which has high mixing quality, good mixing effect and fast mixing efficiency, and can achieve the best uniformity of materials;

MP3000 liters planetary mixerThe design of the twin-shaft mixer is simple, durable and compact. It is beneficial to various methods, and the twin-shaft mixer is easy to maintain and easy to maintain.The twin-shaft concrete mixer is suitable for commercial concrete, which is not required in terms of homogeneity and efficiency.

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Post time: Jan-23-2019
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