Planetary Mixer for PC Prefabricated Component Production

advantages of Planetary Mixer

The planetary mixer adopts new technology, the whole machine has stable transmission, high mixing efficiency, high mixing homogeneity (no dead angle stirring), unique sealing device without leakage leakage problem, strong durability, easy internal cleaning (high pressure cleaning) Equipment options), large maintenance space.


Planetary mixers are highly professional. The mixing tool can be combined with the rotation and the revolution. The opposite force exerts a greater impact on the material. The mixing trajectory can cover the entire mixing drum, and the material in each corner can be stirred and the uniformity is higher. Advanced automation is reflected in many aspects.

Planetary mixers are designed to meet uniformity requirements. The machine body is compact in design and can supply enough space for the material to run. The design of the reducer can realize the automatic adjustment of the machine, adapt to the heavy load movement of the material and save energy.

097Planetary mixers can be used in various industries to meet different standards. The unique mixing form can adapt to the needs of most materials. The mixing tool drives all materials to constantly adjust the orientation, specially designed mixing track, plus mixer. Vertical shaft design, adding side scraper for auxiliary operation, there is no working inefficiency zone in the whole mixer.

Post time: Nov-23-2018
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