Planetary Concrete Mixer Used For Block Brick Industry

The agitation of the planetary concrete mixer meets the diversified requirements. The mixing equipment designed and manufactured according to industry standards can meet the standard and have strong force.

330 liters planetary concrete mixer

Advantages of planetary concrete mixers

1. The planetary concrete mixer has strong mixing ability, and the complex agitation form formed by the planetary stirring concept realizes 100% stirring uniformity quickly and efficiently.
2. The planetary concrete mixer can adjust the stirring speed and adapt to various performance materials.
3. The specially designed mixing shaft structure of the planetary concrete mixer effectively increases the material mixing strength and improves the mixing effect.
4. There is no dead angle in the mixing drum, there will be no leakage in the planetary concrete mixer, and there is no mixing and inefficient area.

MP3000 liters planetary mixer

The planetary concrete mixer is strictly in accordance with the specifications, and can provide satisfactory service to customers from the design, manufacture, sale and after-sale of the mixer.

Post time: Jan-05-2019
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