Planetary Concrete Mixer Machine 1 Cubic Price in India

Co-nele is currently the manufacturing base of planetary concrete mixer in China.The company has set up a planetary mixer research institute.To solve all kinds of different material mixing solutions for customers.


Planetary concrete mixer adopts single motor drive mode.This method can prevent the output from being out of sync.The whole structure of the planetary concrete mixer is compact,No matter what kind of production line, can ensure that there is enough space for the production line layout.


Planetary concrete mixers come in many forms.It is mainly divided into standard stirring form and differential stirring form .The differential mixing form of the vertical shaft planetary mixer includes a set of fast output devices, and the mixing tools can be designed separately according to the requirements, in order to meet the requirements of different materials for different customers.The output speed of differential stirring device reaches more than 200r/min, and the main stirring speed reaches 60r/min.


Model of planetary concrete mixer:


CMPS50, CMPS150,CMPS250, CMPS330, CMPS500,CMPS750, CMPS1000,
CMPS1500, CMPS2000, CMPS2500, CMPS3000, CMPS4000,CMPS4500



Post time: May-30-2019
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