MP1000 planetary concrete mixer price for concrete plant

The devices of the planetary concrete mixer cooperate with each other, and the stirring device, the transmission device and the metering device cooperate to complete the stirring effect.

330 liters planetary concrete mixer

The stirring device can ensure that the stirring trajectory covers the entire mixing drum quickly, and the materials in the cylinder are stirred by the same force. , extrusion, achieve a stirring effect in a short time. The transmission is driven by a hard surface reducer, the whole transmission is stable, no damage to materials and high uniformity.

MP3000 liters planetary mixerThe planetary concrete mixer has many advantages and professionalism. The professional design reducer can realize the automatic adjustment of the machine, adapt to the heavy load movement of the material, save various energy, and the mixing blade can quickly cover the large amount of mixing drum, which overcomes The defects of the traditional mixer are more suitable for the layout planning of the production line than the mixer of the same amount.


Post time: Jan-15-2019
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