Js Forced Concrete Mixer For Sale

When the forced concrete mixer is working, the material is divided, lifted and impacted by the blade, so that the mutual position of the mixture is continuously redistributed to obtain the mixing. The advantages of this type of mixer are that the structure is simple, the degree of wear is small, the wearing parts are small, the size of the aggregate is certain, and the maintenance is simple.

twin shaft  concrete mixerThe forced concrete mixer is the advanced and ideal mixer type in China. It has the characteristics of high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency and long service life. It is more convenient and quicker through automatic discharging method. The whole machine has convenient water control and power. Powerful, low power consumption.


Advantages of forced concrete mixer

(1) The mixer has large capacity and high efficiency and is suitable for the production of commercial concrete.
(2) The diameter of the mixing drum is half smaller than that of the vertical shaft of the same capacity. The rotating shaft speed is basically the same as that of the vertical shaft.
However, the blade rotation speed is less than half of the vertical shaft type, so the blade and the liner are less worn, have a long service life, and the material is not easily separated.
(3) The material movement area is relatively concentrated between the two axes, the material stroke is short, and the pressing action is sufficient, so the mixing quality is good.


Post time: Dec-29-2018
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