CTS4000/3000/2000/1000 Capacity Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer With Factory Price

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is a new type of double-shaft forced concrete mixer designed by our company for the application of advanced technology and scientific research results at home and abroad, combined with the experience of our company for producing concrete mixer for many years. Horizontal shaft forced mixer.

1000 twin shaft concrete mixer

The twin-shaft concrete mixer has a mature design and parameter arrangement. For each batch of mixing, it can be completed in a short period of time and the mixing uniformity is stable and the mixing is rapid.

twin shaft concrete mixer

The twin-shaft concrete mixer has an important influence on the quality of concrete from the aspects of volume capacity and structural form. The cylinder is large, which creates a sufficient mixing space for the material, and the mixing and mixing is more thorough and uniform; the design of the structural device satisfies the requirement of uniformity of mixing, and the coordination between the devices is uniform, and the mixing homogeneity is high.



Post time: Feb-16-2019
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