CMP1000 planetary concrete mixer specifications and prices

The planetary concrete mixer is based on the actual operation, and the material is researched in a targeted manner. The produced mixer can adapt to the demand of materials, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, to achieve the maximum mixing effect of the material, and adopt Europe in the transmission. The advanced reducer can realize the automatic adjustment of the working equipment, adapt to the load of the material and save energy.

Planetary concrete mixer features

1.The planetary concrete mixer combines rotation and revolution to ensure rapid mixing of materials without segregation.

2.The transmission is a deceleration mechanism with full oil bath lubrication method using advanced European technology, and this technology has obtained the integration of the whole structure and stability of the country.

3.The planetary concrete mixer has the advantages of high efficiency and can quickly complete the mixing. For all kinds of mixing ratios, I can achieve high quality decomposition and complete homogeneous mixing.

4.The specially designed mixing shaft structure of the planetary concrete mixer effectively increases the material mixing strength and improves the mixing effect.

097The agitating motion trajectory of the planetary concrete mixer is a non-dead angle trajectory curve with high stirring efficiency and high mixing homogeneity, which is summarized on the basis of years of painstaking research and field test. The vertical planetary concrete mixer transports this process. It belongs to the speed increasing mode, the mixing is fast and labor-saving, and the trajectory curve belongs to the layer progressive and increasingly dense structure. The mixing trajectory covers the entire mixing drum, avoiding the stirring low-efficiency area and no leakage.


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Post time: Nov-08-2018
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