CMP1000 Planetary concrete mixer advantage

Introduction to CMP1000 Concrete Mixer

The planetary concrete mixer adopts advanced technology, the whole machine has stable transmission, high mixing efficiency, high mixing homogeneity (no dead angle stirring), unique sealing device without leakage leakage problem, strong durability and easy internal cleaning (high pressure Cleaning equipment options), large maintenance space.


CMP1000 Planetary  concrete  mixer structure and working principle

The planetary concrete agitator is mainly composed of a transmission device, a stirring device, a discharging device, an inspection safety device, a metering device, a cleaning device and the like. The transmission and transmission are driven by our specially designed hardened reducer. A flexible coupling or a fluid coupling is installed between the motor and the reducer. The power generated by the reducer causes the agitating arm to perform both autobiographical motion and revolving motion to make the scraper arm revolve. Therefore, the stirring motion has both revolution and rotation, the mixing movement track is complicated, the stirring movement is strong, the efficiency is high, and the stirring quality is uniform.


CMP1000 Planetary  concrete  mixer advantage

1.The planetary concrete mixer is highly professional, and the powerful mixing function can stir the materials in all directions. The mixing blades stir the materials to run according to the planetary trajectory.

2.The planetary concrete mixer has a reasonable structural design and a compact structure, which can ensure sufficient space for the production line.

3.The planetary concrete mixer combines rotation and revolution to ensure rapid mixing of materials without segregation.

4.The patented design of the planetary concrete mixer mixing blade effectively improves the utilization of the blade, and the special discharge scraper improves the productivity of the product.


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