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CO-NELE twin-shaft concrete mixers are ideal for the ready-mix and precast concrete industries where large volumes of high quality concrete are demanded. The powerful twin-shaft mixer, with counter rotating shafts, delivers fast mixing action and rapid discharge.


The patented streamlined mixing arm and 60 degree angle design not only produce radial cutting effect on the material during the mixing process, but also effectively promote the axial pushing effect, making the material stirring more intense and achieving material homogenization in a short time. State, and due to the unique design of the mixing device, the cement utilization rate is improved. At the same time, it provides a design choice of 90 degree angle to meet the requirements of large particle materials.

JS1000 concrete mixer

The discharge door adopts eccentric design, double-layer sealing structure, reliable sealing and low wear. In addition, the door body is equipped with a baffle plate to reduce the occurrence of accumulated material.

The twin-shaft concrete mixer has the advantages and quick mixing. The effect is good, and many applications are in the construction of the project.


All special application the market today requests.

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