Advantages of large capacity concrete mixer

Concrete is the most needed building material today. It plays a very important position in the basic construction of industry, transportation, agriculture, etc. The concrete mixer is a shaft with blades that mix cement, sand and water together in a mixing drum. A new type of machine for a mixture of construction uses, including agitator, transmission, unloading, water supply, and the like.

concrete  mixer

The concrete mixer makes the movement trajectories of the components in the mixing process intertwined in the relatively concentrated area, maximally generates mutual friction in the whole mixture volume, and maximizes the number of movements of each component. The crossover frequency of the motion trajectory creates the most favorable conditions for the mixture to achieve macroscopic and microscopic homogeneity.


Advantages of large capacity concrete mixer:

1.Advanced mixer design improves mixing efficiency, reduces product mixing pressure, and improves product reliability

2.The design of the concrete mixer is simple, durable and compact. It is beneficial to various methods, and the double-shaft mixer is easy to maintain and easy to maintain.

3.The design of the structural device of the concrete mixer is more suitable for the uniformity of the mixing, and the coordination of the various devices is coordinated and the mixing is high.

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Post time: Nov-30-2018
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