CMP330 Refractory Mixer Technology Advantage

CMP330 mixer performance parameters:
Discharge capacity: 330L
Feeding capacity: 500L
Output quality: 800kg
Stirring rated power: 15KW
Optional pneumatic discharge or hydraulic discharge
Mixer weight: 2000kg
Raise hopper power: 4KW
Mainframe size: 1870*1870*1855


Mixing material of CMP330 mixer:
Fired refractory products
Do not fire refractory products
Special refractories
Unshaped refractories
1. The reinforced gear box designed separately according to the high-intensity working conditions has a more reliable performance and a longer life.
2, the first domestic reducer life warranty of 2 years of business.
3, a reasonable stirring structure design, so that more full agitation, lower energy consumption.
4, special mixing tool design to meet the uniform mixing of various materials.
5, for the characteristics of raw materials for the industry, the liner can be used for high wear resistance alloy liner, special material liner, imported wear-resistant steel plate
And surfacing wear-resistant liners for customers to choose.
6. The stirring tool is specially treated with wear-resistant coating to provide its use reliability.
7. The mixer is equipped with atomizing nozzles to improve the uniformity of spraying and increase the coverage area.

Post time: May-17-2018
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