China Top CMP1000 Concrete Mixer for Sale in Jamaica

  CMP1000 planet concrete mixer is with high quality and high efficiency, the whole machine transmission is smooth, high mixing efficiency, mixing homogeneity is high (no corner stirring), the unique sealing device does not exist leakage slurry leakage material problem, strong durability.



 Advantages of planetary concrete mixer

 1.Planet concrete mixer as the present building materials production, resistant material mixing, environmental protection, ceramics and other industries necessary efficient mixing equipment, its mixing effect is very prominent  

 2.Planetary mixer through the scientific design of the planetary mixing device, to ensure the smooth mixing operation, mixing trajectory throughout the whole mixing cylinder, planetary mixer mixing uniformity is other types of mixing machinery can not be replaced   


The motion of the co-nele planetary concrete mixer has been studied for many years,on the basis of field test and a summary of the high mixing efficiency and mixing homogeneity of a non-dead Angle movement curve,The orbit of the planet concrete mixer is superimposed with the rotation of the output mixing,this process belongs to the growth model,the stirring is fast and labor-saving, and the track curve belongs to the structure with progressive layers and more and more intensive.Therefore, high homogeneity (high mixing uniformity) and high stirring efficiency.

Refractory mixer   CMP1000 Planet concrete mixer

Post time: May-25-2019
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