Which Type Of Concrete Mixer Is Better For Foam Concrete Mixers?

The foam concrete mixer includes a planetary mixer and a double shaft mixer. The planetary foam concrete mixer works in a more complicated way than a horizontal mixer. Therefore, the two types of foam concrete mixers are also used in different ways.


The double shaft concrete mixer foam concrete mixer mixing process two axial rotation, the blade generated mixing force, so that the stirring material in the course of ensuring the intense radial movement, axial drive intensified, The material is strongly and fully stirred in a boiling state within a short period of time, and the mixing efficiency is increased by 10 % to 15 %. Other structural blenders are far from it. Thus, the form of stirring is more diversified, and the mixing is more uniform and more efficient according to different concrete requirements.

1000 twin shaft concrete mixer

The planetary foam concrete mixer combines the cement with the bubbles produced by the chemical foaming to form a good combination. The stability of the bubbles is high and can be effectively controlled.

Laboratory planetary mixer

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Post time: Apr-17-2019
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