Large Capacity Concrete Mixer Have A Wide Range Of Applications

The design of the concrete mixer is simple, durable and compact. It is beneficial to various methods, and the double-shaft mixer is easy to maintain and easy to maintain.

js1000 concrete mixer price

Concrete mixer can be used to stir all kinds of plastic, dry and hard aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar. The stirring device has streamlined design, small mixing resistance, smooth material running, and the special material mixing tool can reduce the possibility of material sticking axis. The axial rate is low, so the mixing quality of the twin-shaft mixer is very good.


When the concrete mixer is working, the rotating shaft drives the blades to shear, squeeze and turn over the material in the cylinder to make the material mix evenly in the violent relative movement, so the mixing quality is good and the efficiency is high.

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Post time: Feb-26-2019
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