JS1000 concrete mixer price JS1000 concrete mixer product advantage

Introduction to JS1000 Concrete Mixer

JS1000 concrete mixer is also called 1 square concrete mixer. It belongs to the series of twin-shaft forced mixer. The theoretical productivity is 60m3/h. It is composed of cementing bin, control system and platform of batching machine. It is composed of HZN60 concrete mixing station with high degree of automation and good mixing quality. High efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharge speed, long service life of lining and blade, convenient maintenance and so on

js1000 concrete mixer priceJS1000 twin shaft Concrete Mixer


JS1000 concrete mixer structure and working principle

JS1000 twin-shaft forced concrete mixer consists of feeding, stirring, unloading, water supply, electric, cover, chassis and legs. It is a double-spiral belt type concrete mixer. The mixer has a new design concept, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality and wide application. The stirring system is composed of a reducer, an open gear, a stirring tank, a stirring device, a hydraulic pump station and the like. The concrete mixer produced by CO-NELE is equipped with a power mechanism connected to the transmission mechanism and a roller driven by the transmission mechanism, and a ring gear disposed around the drum cylinder is mounted on the drum cylinder, and a gear meshing with the ring gear is arranged on the transmission shaft.

twin shaft  concrete mixerJS1000 twin shaft Concrete Mixer


JS1000 concrete mixer product advantage

1. The electric lubricating oil pump can use NLGI secondary or tertiary lubricating oil to make the shaft end seal better and more fuel efficient;

2. The stirring device adopts the patented technology of 60 degree angle arrangement. The mixing arm is streamlined, evenly stirred, with low resistance and low axle-holding ratio.

3. The concrete slump in the mixer can be monitored at any time and changed at any time to provide guarantee for the user to produce high quality concrete;

4. The scientific design concept and reliable experimental data reduce the friction and impact of the material to a large extent, the material flow is more reasonable, the mixing time is greatly shortened, the mixing efficiency is improved, and the stirring energy consumption is reduced;

5. The mixing blade is more than twice as much as the ordinary twin-shaft mixer. The outer ring screw belt pushes the material to form a boiling state in the barrel, and the inner ring blade cuts the radial direction. The combination of the two in a short time is for the material. Achieve violent and full mixing.

6. At the expense of large space and low volume utilization design, the spacious space makes the mixing easier; the outer spiral blade continuously pushes the material to form a high-speed circulation, with low impact load and low energy consumption; after strict comparison test, it is relatively traditionally stirred. The host can save more than 15% energy;

7. The blade is made of high-chromium alloy wear-resistant cast iron, and the perfect stirring device improves the flow, reduces the friction and impact of the sand and gravel on the blade, and the service life can exceed 60,000 cans.

concrete  mixer


JS1000 concrete mixer price

One-party concrete mixer, JS1000 mixer, many customers who purchase concrete mixing machinery for the first time are easily defrauded by “low price traps”. CO-NELE Xiaobian came to discuss with you how much the next concrete mixer is reasonable.

First of all, let us look at the factors affecting the price of the concrete mixer, there are three main manufacturers, equipment configuration, after-sales service. Let’s take a look at the analysis one by one.


For the same type of 1-square concrete mixer, large manufacturers are more expensive than small manufacturers. This is because the equipment parts of large manufacturers are well-known brands, durable and of good quality. Most of the mixers produced by small manufacturers use miscellaneous brand spare parts, the quality is not guaranteed, and it is easy to malfunction. In addition to the price factor, it is more important to consider the performance factor.

Device Configuration

The 1 square concrete mixer has different configurations such as standard configuration and simple configuration. The number of parts used for different configurations is also different, and the price is naturally different. Some mixers are cheap, but the configuration may be relatively simple, and customers need to consider whether the configuration can meet their actual needs.

After sales service

The 1 square concrete mixer should analyze whether the price is reasonable. What are the items included in the money that the customer has to pay for? Is the cost of only one piece of equipment or the after-sales service commitment fee? If there are two uniform concrete models of 1 square concrete mixer, the equipment price difference is 5,000 yuan, but the quality of the mixer of the 5000 is good, the after-sales service is perfect, a little contrast, I believe that you will have a decision.

Therefore, it can be concluded that: 1 square concrete mixer is reasonable, can not only look at the price of equipment, but also depends on the manufacturer, equipment configuration, after-sales service, comprehensive considerations and then compare the quotes, remember a sentence, the same price to see the configuration, The same configuration to see the price, the strength is quite a service.

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