Working principle and price of Refractory mixer


The refractory mixer has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, low maintenance, high homogeneity of mixing, compact structure, stable performance, novel style, excellent performance, economical and durable, convenient installation and maintenance, and no leakage problem.

The working  principle of the refractory mixer is that the motor drives the planetary gearbox on the vertical shaft, and the planetary gearbox is equipped with a stirring device. The agitating arm revolves around the vertical axis at a set speed, which in turn rotates itself. Planetary mixing, superimposed movement through revolution and rotation, so that the three-dimensional motion mixture generated in the mixing drum, the refractory material realizes no dead angle of the mixing, fine mixing to achieve microscopic uniformity, the particle size and shape of the mixed material are not limited, refractory material The mixer not only guarantees high mixing quality, but also high production efficiency.

planetary mixerThe refractory mixer has professionalism, and the professional design reducer can realize the automatic adjustment of the machine, adapt to the heavy load movement of materials, and save various energy.

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Post time: Nov-19-2018
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