Twin shaft concrete mixer with competitive price

When the twin-shaft mixer is working, the material is divided, lifted and impacted by the blade, so that the mutual position of the mixture is continuously redistributed to obtain the mixing. The advantages of this type of mixer are that the structure is simple, the degree of wear is small, the wearing parts are small, the size of the aggregate is certain, and the maintenance is simple.


Advantages of the twin-shaft mixer:

(1) The main shaft sealing structure is combined by various sealing methods, and the automatic lubrication system is reliably lubricated to ensure long-term reliability of the shaft end seal.

(2) The blade and the lining plate are made of high alloy wear-resistant material, plus advanced heat treatment process and design method, and have long service life.

(3) The advanced mixer design concept perfectly solves the problem of the sticking axis of the mixer, improves the mixing efficiency, reduces the stirring load, and improves the reliability of the product;

(4) Stirring main reducer is a self-developed design special speed reducer with high efficiency, low noise, high torque and strong impact resistance;

(5) The product has reasonable design structure, novel layout and convenient maintenance.


The twin-shaft mixer has a mature design and parameter arrangement. For each batch of mixing, it can be completed in a short period of time and the mixing uniformity is stable and the mixing is rapid.

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Post time: Nov-12-2018
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