Twin shaft concrete mixer includes CTS standard, CHS economical and CDS twin spiral concrete mixer


CO-NELE twin shaft concrete mixer is a world-famous brand and is a hot product in Construction field. CO-NELE twin shaft concrete mixer includes CTS standard, CHS economical and CDS twin spiralconcrete mixer which can meet the needs of different customers. Our company are professional manufacturer of concrete batching plants and mixer, we will also equip Sicoma Mixer for concrete batching plant , if customers need and also distribute single conele mixer.

large capacity concrete mixer

 CTS standard twin shaft concrete mixer

Double-screw ribbon mixer

CDS Double-screw ribbon mixer

High efficiency concrete mixer

CHS  High efficiency  twin shaft concrete mixer


        twin shaft concrete mixer Feature

  1.Shaft ends multi seal protection and air purge seal protection to efficiently prevent leakage

  2. Unique mixer monitoring system to monitor working conditions of gearbox, discharge door pump, and electronic lubrication pump.

  3. Special electronic lubrication pump, 4 separate independent pump cores for direct oil feeding without dividing valve.

  4. Multi-pipe water sparying system to ensure even water distribution.

  5. Heavy design and stable running.

        twin shaft concrete mixer Technical Parameters

CTS standard twin shaft concrete mixer:CTS750/CTS1000/CTS1500/CTS2000/CTS3000/CTS4000/CTS5000/CTS6000

CHS economical  twin shaft concrete mixer:CHS750/CHS1000/CHS1500/CHS2000/CHS3000/CHS4000/CHS5000/CHS6000

 CDS twin spiral concrete mixer:CDS1500/CDS2000/CDS3000/CDS4000/CDS5000/CDS6000


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