Twin Shaft Cement Concrete Mixer Automation Production

Twin Shaft Cement Concrete Mixer Automation Production

Twin shaft cement concrete mixer is a large and medium-sized mixer, mainly suitable for large construction projects, is a very important construction machinery. It is a kind of forced horizontal shaft mixer, which can not only mix hard concrete, but also light aggregate concrete.


In the mixing process, the stirring blades are driven by the rotary motion of the mixing shaft to shear, squeeze and reverse the materials in the cylinder, so that the materials can be fully mixed in the relatively violent movement. Therefore, it has the advantages of good mixing quality, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

The wide application of mixer in modern construction engineering not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the quality of concrete engineering, which makes a great contribution to the infrastructure construction of our country.



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Post time: Aug-24-2019
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