New Designed Refractory Mixers from CO-NELE


Refractory mixer is able to mix all kinds of materials with strong fluidity, such as powder and solid particles, etc. In mixing movement, the effect of centrifugal force makes materials with different densities produce efficient friction and mixing, so as to achieve effective diffusion effect.


High efficiency conversion effect of refractory mixer under the promotion of stirring tool, powerful power is formed in a short time to improve energy conversion rate, fast and slow speed adjustment design is made to ensure the synchronous mixing of high efficiency material quality, which is suitable for the layout of various production lines.


Refractory mixer can speed up the subsequent production and granulation of materials to ensure the mixing quality of raw materials


The structure design of refractory mixer is compact and reasonable, which can make the dispersion and mixing of materials complete quickly.



Post time: Jun-15-2019
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