MP750 planetary concrete mixer for mobile concrete batching plants

The use of planetary concrete mixers not only reflects the high performance of the product, but also enhances the efficiency of various production lines. Especially in the mixing of concrete, the stirring speed can be increased, which guarantees the rapid completion of the project.

Planetary Concrete Mixer

The planetary mixing method can make the concrete spread throughout the mixing drum, and the whole uniformity is high. The double stirring effect makes the concrete receive more stirring strength and better effect.

The planetary concrete mixer mixing drum has a large charging rate. When the mixing quality is maintained, the mixer can be enlarged, the efficiency is high, and the stirring time is short.

JN1000 MP1000 Industrial planetary precast concrete mixer

The planetary concrete mixer stirring device moves in multiple directions, and the mixture material does not cause segregation, segregation, stratification and accumulation, which is ideal in the current market.


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Post time: Dec-11-2018
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