intensive mixer for refractory materials and a main mixing device

There are two main types of mixing equipment in refractory production: pre-mixing equipment and mixing equipment.

Pre-mixing equipment is a small and medium mixer used to mix fine powder and trace additives in the production process, which can make the powder fully mixed uniformly, reduce flying loss and improve the mixing efficiency of the mixer. Commonly used premixing equipment are: spiral cone mixer, double cone mixer, V-type mixer.

The concrete mixer is the main mixing equipment in the production of refractory materials. In the early years, we mainly used wet mills and planetary forced mixers.

The CO-NELE series tilting intensive mixer is a mixing equipment that draws on German mixing technology and has been verified and approved in the domestic market. Its mixing process makes it a premixing device for refractory materials and a main mixing device. , Preparation of high-quality refractory materials.


The basic principle of the tilting intensive mixer is: the tilting and rotatable mixing disc at a specific angle drives the material to a high place, the material falls by gravity to the surrounding of the high-speed rotor, and the rotor is strongly rotated and then mixed; during the mixing process , The mixing disc does not rotate a full circle, all materials are fully mixed once.


Our intensive mixer has three characteristics:

High mixing uniformity,

high productivity

Low energy consumption

Our company has designed and developed various types of powerful mixers, from small test machines to large industrial large equipment to ensure that the raw materials and product conditions of various production plants are met.

Post time: Mar-17-2020
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