How should the concrete mixer be maintained in winter?

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  As the cold weather approaches, the frequency of use of concrete mixers begins to decrease. The cold climate has put a severe test on the mixing machine. In order to ensure the normal use of the concrete mixer, co-nele machinery will share with you today, the concrete mixer cold season maintenance knowledge.


1. Keep the machine and its surroundings clean;


2. Before using the mixer, pay attention to check whether the connection between the parts of the machine is tight;


3. Clear the accumulated material in the hopper in time, and rinse it with water. If the waste is condensed, the sensor may not return to zero normally;


4. Check if the lubricating oil of each lubrication point is sufficient, and add lubricating oil in time. The oil mister in the pneumatic system should maintain sufficient oil quantity;


5. The water supply device should be kept clean, and the water suction valve should be inspected and cleaned in time to avoid blockage;

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6. Check the circuit equipment to check whether the motor or electric appliance has overheating or abnormal noise, whether the instrument indication is normal, and whether the signal system is in good condition;


7. Regularly check and adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and electromagnetic valve to make the opening and closing meet the requirements, and avoid abnormalities caused by insufficient power or sound;


8. Regularly inspect each component system to timely deal with phenomena such as ash leakage, gas leakage, oil leakage and leakage to avoid unnecessary production accidents;


9. The mixer and the discharge hopper should be cleaned in time. If the residual concrete is consolidated, it may affect the normal operation of the machine;

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After each use, the internal water such as air compressor, air tank and filter should be drained, and the faults occurring during operation should be eliminated;


Butterfly valves, mixers, solenoid valves, air filters and oil misters are maintained in accordance with the relevant instructions.


In fact, in our daily use, we can timely clean and maintain the concrete mixer and regularly maintain the equipment, which will effectively improve the service life of the mixer, reduce the equipment failure rate, and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.






  1. 保持机器及周围环境的的清洁;

  2. 搅拌机使用之前要注意检查机器各部分之间的连接是否紧固;

  3. 及时清除料斗内的积料,并用水冲洗干净,如果废料凝结可能会导致感器不能正常回零;

  4. 检查各润滑点的润滑油是否足够,及时添加润滑油,气路系统中的油雾器应保持有足够的油量;

  5. 供水装置要保持清洁,及时对吸水阀检查清洗,以免发生堵塞;

  6. 检查电路设备,查看电机、电器有无过热现象、异常噪音,仪表指示是否正常,信号系统是否完好;

  7. 经常检查、调整气缸、蝶阀和电磁气阀等,使开启和关闭符合要求,避免因动力不足或声音引发的异常;

  8. 经常对各个组建系统进行检查,及时处理漏灰、漏气、漏油和漏电等现象以免造成不必要的生产事故;

  9. 搅拌机及出料斗应及时清洗,如果残留混凝土固结,可能会影响机器的正常运行;

  10. 每次使用后应放掉空压机、贮气罐和过滤器等内部积水,并排除运行中出现的故障;

  11. 蝶阀、搅拌机、电磁气阀、空气过滤器及油雾器等按照有关说明书进行维护保养。


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