Good Planetary Concrete Mixer with New Technology


The planetary concrete mixer is professional,mixing tool can be combined with rotation and revolution, both produce the opposite force on the material impact is greater.The mixing track can cover the whole mixing cylinder, and the materials in every corner can be stirred, so the uniformity is higher.


The planetary concrete mixer meets the diverse requirements, and the mixing equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with the industrial standards can meet the standards with strong force.

PLANETARY MIXERplanetary concrete mixer


Planet concrete mixer features

1.Planetary concrete mixer can achieve the control of mixing precision through differential mixing, and meet the requirements of various industries.

2.The planetary concrete mixer is of good design, compact structure, and the material of the finished barrel and mixing blade is forged with alloy steel in strict accordance with the industry standard.

3.Planetary concrete mixers can be used in many industries


Planet concrete mixer as the present building materials production, resistant material mixing, environmental protection, ceramics and other industries necessary efficient mixing equipment, its mixing effect is very prominent. The planetary mixer ensures the smooth running of mixing by the scientific design of the planetary mixer



Post time: May-20-2019
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