Equipment Characteristics And Advantages Of Dry Mortar Mixer

The dry mortar mixer is a device for uniformly mixing two or more kinds of powders by the principle of mechanical force, and realizes shearing, friction and extrusion of the powder during the mixing process, and is obtained in a short time. Very uniform effect.


The dry mortar mixer is designed based on the principle of mechanical flow properties of the material, which can ensure the uniformity of the mixture, the mixing time is short, the wear is small, and the quality of the mixture is stable for a long time.

The dry mortar mixer has a fast mixing speed, a dry mortar mixer, multi-level cross-mixing, fast speed, short time and no dead angle. The double-opening device is quick and clean.It can make the materials of different proportions evenly mixed, especially for the mixing of materials with different specific gravity.

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Post time: Mar-20-2019
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