CTS4000/3000/2000/1000 capacity twin shaft concrete mixer with factory price

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is the advanced and ideal mixer type in China. It has the characteristics of high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency and long service life. It is more convenient and quick to pass the automatic discharging method, and the whole machine has convenient water control. Powerful, low power consumption.

js1000 concrete mixer price

Advantages of twin-shaft concrete mixer

  1. The shaft end seal is equipped with a multi-layer floating oil seal ring bee protection.
  2. Equipped with fully automatic lubrication system, four independent oil pumps for oil supply, high working pressure and excellent performance
  3. The mixing arm is arranged at an angle of 90 degrees and is suitable for mixing large granular materials.
  4. Equipped with a rugged integral discharge door for fast discharge and easy adjustment
  5. Optional screw nozzle, Italian original reducer, German original automatic oil pump, high pressure cleaning device, temperature and humidity test system


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Post time: Dec-26-2018
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