CMP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixer Types and Capacity

Planetary concrete mixer is a kind of dead-angle track curve with high mixing efficiency and high mixing uniformity, which is summarized on the basis of years of intensive research and field test. The rotation of vertical axis planetary mixer’s track is obtained by superposition of revolution and output mixing rotation.


Material types of mixing blade and lining board of planetary concrete mixer:

(1) wear-resistant alloy inserts

(2) surfacing materials

(3) highly complexed gold

(4) stainless steel material

(5) ceramic materials

(6) polyurethane material

(7) high wear-resistant rubber and cast stone materials


Planet type concrete mixer has many models: including CMP50, CMP150, CMP250, CMP330, CMP500, CMP750, CMP1000, CMP1500, CMP2000, CMP2500, CMP3000, CMP4000, CMP4500,These different types of mixers can be used for different quantities of work.It works better,More targeted,Customization makes it easier to meet these different needs.



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Post time: Aug-12-2019
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