CHS1000 Double Horizontal Shaft Forced Concrete Mixer

CHS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer, 1 cubic meter per discharge, also known as 1-square concrete mixer, hourly productivity is 60m³ / h, is a widely used high-efficiency concrete mixer, using motorized discharge, can be matched with dump truck It is mainly composed of mixing drum, hopper feeding rack, hoisting mechanism, mixing drum, mixing blade, mixing shaft, mixing arm, frame, discharge mechanism, oil supply, water supply system and electrical system.

CHS1000 Twin shaft concrete mixer

CHS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer

CHS1000 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is an advanced and ideal model at home and abroad. Long service life, easy maintenance and other advantages. The machine adopts automatic discharge method. The whole machine has the advantages of convenient control of water addition, powerful power, small power consumption, strong power, etc., and the built-in vortex mixer can prevent the material from solidifying the warehouse.

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