The China famous brand concrete mixer with the best price

Choosing a double-shaft concrete mixer equipment, we should first pay attention to the reputation of its suppliers. As a manufacturer who has been engaged in the production of mixers for many years, Koneile can guarantee the high quality of the products. It is a reliable manufacturer and has the products produced. Support, customers can use with confidence.

1000 twin shaft concrete mixerAdvantages of concrete mixers

  •  Stirring blade spiral belt arrangement, the efficiency is increased by 15%, energy saving is 15%, material mixing and homogeneity is super high
  • Adopt large pitch design principle to reduce running resistance, reduce accumulated material and low axle-holding rate
  • Large model side scraper covers 100%, no accumulation
  • Stirring blade type is small, easy to install, high versatility
  • Optional Italian original reducer, German original automatic lubrication pump, high pressure cleaning device, temperature and humidity test system


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Post time: Dec-22-2018
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