Top-Performing Equipment‎:Refractory Mixers for Blending Refractory and Ceramic Powders

Refractory mixer is our company’s equipment for the refractory industry. It has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, low maintenance, high mixing and homogeneity, compact structure, stable performance, novel style, excellent performance, economical and durable, installation and maintenance. Convenient, there is no leakage problem.


laboratory planetary mixer


Advantages of refractory mixers

1.Reasonable mixing structure design makes mixing more fully and consumes less energy.

2.Special mixing tool design, to meet the uniform mixing of different materials.

3.Reducer according to the actual situation of independent research and development, long life.


Refractory material mixer with completely independent intellectual property rights, in accordance with national standards, industrial machinery introduction of absorbing advanced technology from the European products design and manufacture, the stirring efficiency is higher, the mixing quality better, stir and mix high qualitative, used in refractory materials, light industry, heavy industry ,manganese slag, coal ash mixture of raw materials, such as mixing.



Post time: May-23-2019
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